Should I buy a 16-inch Macbook Pro?


Daniel Martin

The fact remains that if you use your laptop for your professional work and need a workhorse that can go with you wherever you need to be, then the MacBook Pro will pay for itself. I find that I am very productive with it and that it then translates into me doing better in my business or my job. Read More


Roku Ultra - Is it worth it?


Daniel Martin

The Roku Ultra is the higher-end streaming box from the industry leader. What makes this box stand out among its peers and other streaming options. Is it worth the extra money? Read More


Grandma buys a Soulcker MP3 Player


Maggie M.

There are many offers in electronics for young kids, tablets in a variety of options, watches that send messages, could also be connected as phones, cellular phones for kids, all in beautiful colors and looking pretty much the same as the adults own. Read More

Health & Wellness

5Star-TD Boxing Punching Speed Ball Boxing Bag


Maggie M.

It is not easy to get toys or toy-like objects for eleven year old kids. The toy industry offers many toys for younger kids, or a wide collection of STEM ones that you have to help with the setting up, sometimes pretty difficult to put together. Read More


Apple iMac 21.5 inches


Eduardo Fernandez

As a computer programmer, I was looking for any Mac that I could use to work on projects at home. I did not want to invest in a powerful Macbook Pro since it would have required buying an additional monitor. Read More


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