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Turban Plus Chemo Fashion Scarf


Maggie M.

Turban Plus offers a wide variety of headcovers for women undergoing hair loss.

They sell solid colors and printed ones, which makes the selection easier to fit your needs, whatever the looks you might be planning for.

One special feature that I was looking for when buying my hats was that they were padded.

The reason for this is that when you shave your head the volume is logically reduced, therefore if the hat is thin or too soft the head looks smaller than it used to look, making yourself a little uncomfortable.

So I was especially looking for a kind of cover that would help with the volume, had something to tie it with and adjust the size.

I also wanted the material of the hat to be cotton because living in Florida, due to warm weather, I guessed it would be more pleasant to have cotton next to the scalp.

The two hats I bought using Amazon fulfill my requirements.

They are comfortable to wear, can be adjusted in size, have the necessary padding to help with the total volume and are also very pretty.

I got one in printed tones of brown and beige, inside of it there is a cotton lining. The second one is solid pink, also with cotton lining, external material is eyelet which makes it look a bit fancy, girlish, adding a touch of fun.

Chemotherapy treatment and the loss of hair is very traumatic for all of us that have experienced the fear because of the disease itself together with the dramatic reduction of the looks, the deep feeling that you are ill whenever you see yourself in the mirror.

Anything that helps coping with these difficult times, be it a spiritual activity or the much more pleasant activity of designing your outfits to match your head cover, your mood, the activity you are going to face that day, is very welcome.

I strongly recommend getting some different head covers, so they could match a bit your outfit, feel soft and pleasant, help you feel a little bit better.

The wide selection offered by this brand allows the client to pick up their favorites.

Hopefully this is not the case, but if you or a loved one is dealing with hair loss I definitely recommend this product.

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Does this fabric have stretch to it?

It doesn't stretch, but it feels comfortable.

Are these hats a “one size fits all” kind?

Yes, but because they are designed to be tied at the back or the side, you can easily adjust the size.

Are these hats soft enough to sleep with them on?

Yes, you just move the knot to a side or you tie it at the top so it will not bother you.

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