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5Star-TD Boxing Punching Speed Ball Boxing Bag


Maggie M.

It is not easy to get toys or toy-like objects for eleven year old kids.

The toy industry offers many toys for younger kids, or a wide collection of STEM ones that you have to help with the setting up, sometimes pretty difficult to put together.

So it requires effort from parents or grandparents, maybe at a time you just want to relax, such as end of the year holidays.

"A punching bag, which is not difficult to set up, is safe, could be used indoors when the weather is bad, cold, rainy, snowy."

On the other hand there is a trend these days to encourage kids to practice sports and be active in every possible way.

A punching bag, which is not difficult to set up, is safe, could be used indoors when the weather is bad, cold, rainy, snowy.

The issue would be, if the kids have any interest in something like that, and if they do which kind of punching bag to get.

Depending on the age of the kid, you have to get a bag that will allow you to adjust height, and permit some growing up later on. It should also be fitted for young punching hands, not adult hands. So it takes some time looking at all the options, prices, features of the possible punching bags and still when you get it, it might not be exactly what you are looking for.

I got the 5STAR-TD Boxing Punching Speed Ball Boxing Bag Anti Stress with Boxing Gloves for Teenagers, adjustable 48’to 59’ for one of my grandsons, as this was his birthday present request.

Step one was easily fulfilled.

The bag arrives with a pump to fill the bag, which works well. They will use it to inflate soccer balls as well.

The base should be filled with water or sand, to give it the necessary weight as to keep it in place when the punching begins.

It is appropriate for a strong kid eleven years and up and the height can be adjusted to last for a few years.

Compared to other offers price is reasonable and the quality of the item once it arrived is satisfactory.

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Is this punching bag appropriate for an adult?

It seems to be strong enough for a young teenager, not for a strong adult.

Is it easy to set up?

Yes, it is easy to inflate the bag with the pump coming with the set. Base could be filled with water or sand.

Is the quality good for the price you have to pay?

Yes, it is not expensive compared to other models and once you set up the kit it works well.

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