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MIDEA 50 Pint Dehumidifier


Maggie M.

We live in Miami, therefore the weather is pretty humid most of the time, both indoors and outdoors.

High indoor humidity and moisture can cause mold and mildew buildup in hidden places inside the house.

Because we keep houses with windows closed at all times, if for whatever reason the humidity indoors remains high and the air conditioned system cannot properly extract it, it is very convenient to own a dehumidifier to help control the humidity level.

In our case, we live in a two bedroom apartment, and the building dates back to the seventies.

Therefore there is additional humidity coming out from different places, such as old pipes going down the air conditioner tunnel from the roof to the ground floor, and causing minor local troubles.

So I decided to get a MIDEA Dehumidifier MDP, which removes moisture in the range of 30-70 pints / day.

It is a medium size, portable, easy to handle dehumidifier.

One thing you need to guess is the kind of dehumidifier you want, which depends on the size and shape of the rooms you are going to use it in.

Another factor is the features of the device itself, an important one is its power, also the way it displays the information, what kind of information is shown, how easy it is to remove the water once it is collected, if it can continuously work or not.

There is also the matter of how much you want to spend; fancy dehumidifiers can go up to hundreds of dollars.

If you need one of those, fine, but if you are looking for a good relationship between price and size you better get a smaller one and use it in turn, around the rooms if needed.

The owner’s manual is surprisingly clear, and it comes with the device in printed version.

You can download the manual from here.

We had no problem when starting it for the first time.

The company's website provides general information stating how it is a huge appliances provider.

You can also register the product to get warranty and the possibility of support in case you need it.

We are very happy with the way this dehumidifier works and it does precisely what we wanted it to do.

You can find it in Amazon and get it delivered to your door.

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Is this humidifier very noisy?

No, the noise it makes is not loud. But, as soon as it starts working, in my house the air conditioned system starts working too, so the noise adds up for a while.

Could you leave it working all night?

According to the manual you can, it will stop once the container is full of water. You should read the instructions carefully and test it because there is more than one way of putting it to work.

How would you evaluate price versus quality of this product?

There is a very good balance of price versus quality. When you find out how expensive some other models could be, the money you spend becomes an important factor in buying this particular model.

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