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Advanced Clinicals Coconut Oil Cream


Maggie M.

In the search for moisturizers there are so many products one gets lost: is not possible to try them all, they show a wide range of prices and effectiveness so it is important to read reviews before selecting any of the products.

The Coconut Oil is the first product I have tried from Advanced Clinicals and so far it works so well that I have this company in my list of favorites.

  • It is very well absorbed
  • It works on the face, neck, arms, skin
  • For having natural ingredients it is not expensive
  • The moisturizing effect lasts only for the night.

What is better a cream, an oil or a serum?

Probably the answer to this question is personal, it depends on the features of your skin. And the skin that needs hydration is not only the face skin but also the neck, the arms. I have tried different products over the years.

Most sellers suggest a set of steps for the moisturizing process, starting with a cleanse, before the hydration.

So it becomes an easy practice if you shower at night to use a moisturizer afterwards. Creams are sometimes not absorbed quickly, or they don’t have a scent you like, or could be very expensive to use daily.

I found this Coconut Oil does the job. Using it after shower, before going to bed is a good way to nurture the skin of your face and decollete. It is quickly absorbed.

How long does the moisturizing effect last?

Product box mentions it lasts for 24 hours. Well, you have to use cosmetics the next day so you will be covering the skin with something else.

What I can say is that the skin in the morning looks relaxed, moist, no signs of dryness.

Are the ingredients organic?

One important, popular question these days is if the ingredients used for the product are or not organic.

The manufacturer does not claim it to be organic, but the main ingredients are Tahitian oil and flower extracts, rich in antioxidants.

This product does not contain parabens.

Price History


How expensive is this Coconut Oil?

It is not expensive at all, compared to other products of the same kind.

How does it compare to other coconut oils in the market?

There are other non expensive coconut oils in the market, but this product works very well for my skin and has a nice aroma.

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