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Control GX Grey Reducing Shampoo


Daniel Martin

Just For Men Control GX just makes it easy for you to camouflage your grey hair without having to dye it.

I have been blessed with early grey hair. If you are like me, you know how it makes you look older even though you might be in good shape otherwise.

I guess it is expected that a man's hair is going to show some grey at a certain age. That's why, in my opinion, a lot of men end up looking unnatural when they color their hair. There is also the fact that you can see the roots and then have to become a slave to your hair color.

I have been using Control GX for a few years and it has helped me control my hair color in a way that is not obvious that I am coloring it.

  • Easy to use
  • Inexpensive
  • You can use as much as needed to control your color
  • It can stail towels and bathroom walls
  • It is a small bottle

Who should use Control GX?

Men with grey hair and not a lot of time, should consider this kind of product.

Do you want to dye your hair regularly?

I thought I was not going to have the discipline to dye my own hair and you know once you go down that path it's not so easy to just stop.

In my opinion, a lot of men end up looking unnatural when they color their hair. There is also the fact that you can see the roots or have to become a slave to your hair color.

How to use Control GX

You should use it as a normal shampoo. But leave it on while you shower for 1 to 2 minutes. Then rinse and wash hands thoroughly.

It can stain your towels, so it is recommended to use a dark towel. It can also stain your shower walls so be mindful of not splashing it around too much. It comes off easily if you do stain your walls.

How often you should use it depends on what shade of color you are aiming for.

I find that I can use it once a week for the effect I am looking for. Sometimes when I order a new box (or I just cut my hair) I have to use it several days in a row since my greys have already come out.

It takes a few attempts for it to stick. After I have achieved my desired color I go back to my once a week routine.

Is it good?

It does what it's supposed to do. The first iterations of the product were a little messier in the sense that it would stain everything. Now I feel Just For Men have smoothed it enough so that it works without being so hard to handle.

I feel the coloring effect lasts for a long time. And that is considering I wash my hair everyday.

Most of the time I don't even remember to use it but, of course, as your hair grows you will start seeing the grey hair coming out. The interesting thing is that it looks natural and there is not a clear color difference between old and new hair.

Is Control GX worth the money?

I think it is. Even for a cheap shampoo it doesn't cost a lot of money. It's not a big bottle so I think it's meant to be your secondary shampoo.

If you have to use it everyday this product might not be for you.

Where can you buy Control GX Grey Reducing Shampoo?

If you're interested there are good deals to be found if you shop for Control GX Shampoo on Amazon.

But you can also find it on Walmart, Walgreens, CVS stores and online as well as on Just For Men website.

Does it cause Hair Loss?

Some users have claimed that this product has caused them to lose some hair. I have not observed this in my case but again I don't use it every day.

You should consider this before using it, and maybe slowly test if it causes any unwanted effects on you.

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Does Control GX come in different colors?

According to the manufacturer it works best for shades from medium brown to black hair. There is a variant for lighter shades, but results may vary.

Can women use Control GX

I think they could, but depending on how long their hair is, they might end up using too much shampoo.

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