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Hiraki Betta Revive Health Aid for fish


Maggie M.

Betta splendens are a freshwater fish breed loved by many people to keep as pets in small aquariums.

Once you start keeping one of them you experience the urge to get more, give some as pets to your grandchildren, try to breed them, etc.

Before long you discover that keeping captive animals in good health is a task that requires plenty of information, availability of resources, time to take care of them.

From my point of view, it is worth the effort.

  • BETTA REVIVE works against several microbes
  • It can be used for prevention and for cure, as a first step treatment
  • Each container is small, so it is better to move the sick fish to a small tank so you would be able to do a complete treatment

First these little fish are so beautiful, with their majestic fins wandering around like they own the world.

Second, they are playful, are capable of displaying different personalities, so they entertain their owner.

Third, for the people that like challenges, to keep whatever number of them for a long time you need to learn.

And that is how you get deeper and deeper into this fascinating hobby.

Water care

Serious breeders recommend checking and fixing frequently the quality of the water in the tank.

They say diseases develop when the water deteriorates.

The tank where you keep the fish is full of microbes, and when some of them get out of control your fish gets sick. I find it very difficult to diagnose the kind of disease they could be suffering from.

One reason for this is that they are small; spots on their skin could be very small until it is too late.

The reason is that as they are gluttons, even when they don’t feel well they feed.

When they reject food they are really sick, maybe bloated, skin compromised, fins frayed and in many cases are at a point of no return.

Betta Revive

I discovered Hiraki BETTA REVIVE some time ago and have been using it on different occasions.

It contains ingredients that protect the fish against protozoa, bacteria and fungi.

It is sold as a health aid, it is not an antibiotic, and therefore it is used more for prevention than as a cure.

If you see anything that looks like a problem maybe some fins are torn, but not much, certainly Hiraki BETTA REVIVE could be used as a starter medicine.

If the ailment your fish has does not disappear with this health aid, you move on to stronger medicines.

Again, it is very difficult to find the right one due to limited accuracy of the diagnostic.

You can use Hiraki BETTA REVIVE when you buy a new fish, or you move your fish to a different tank, for preventing diseases.

You can buy this product in Amazon

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Is BETTA REVIVE sold at pet stores?

No, but you can find it on Amazon and other online stores.

Are the instructions for its use clear enough?

Yes, but read them carefully. Remove carbon filters, add one drop per 16 fl. Oz.

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