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FREESEA Mini Aquarium Heater With LED Display 50 watts


Maggie M.

Which heater should you use to keep a fish tank with a fixed temperature?

There are many heaters for fish tanks in the market; from the very small and cheap heaters, to sophisticated and expensive ones.

They also have different shapes, which is an important factor to take into consideration if your tank is not big, the shape might not fit well inside the tank.

Together with the power I believe this is another crucial factor to look at.

If you are looking for a reliable heater that would display some information on the temperature of the tank you will need to get a heater such as the FREESEA mini Aquarium with LED Display Heater.

  • Round and small shape allows to place it in small aquariums
  • Long lasting
  • LED display can be seen from a distance and in the dark
  • Adequate only for tanks smaller than 10 Gallons

1. Size and Shape

The desired heater must have enough power to heat the water in your tank, so you have to look at the information provided about which size of tanks it will work for.

The very small heaters that do not have a display you just have to try them for hours to find out if they increase the temperature of the tank, enough, or no, or if the temperature in your house is warm that it does not exceed the safe limits.

People keep freshwater fish anywhere from Florida to Alaska.

FREESEA 50W Mini Aquarium Fish Tank Heater
FREESEA 50W Mini Aquarium Fish Tank HeaterFREESEA 50W Mini Aquarium Fish Tank Heater

2. LED Display

For a more reliable control of the temperature, in a tank larger than five gallons, it is much better and safer to keep a heater that reports the temperature at all times.

I prefer the FREESEA mini Aquarium LED Display Heater because it has a round shape which makes it very easy to fit at the back of the tank.

Deep enough so you don’t even have to turn it off when changing the water

(some experts recommend unplugging every electrical device inside the tank when doing water changes, which makes sense, but you don’t have to panic if in the process you realize you forgot to unplug, momentarily).

3. Durability

Another important factor is how long it will last.

You want to buy a device that will last for years, requiring only some cleaning every few months.

I have used this heater with no issues for more than 2 years.

If you are looking for a reliable heater that would display some information on the temperature of the tank you will need to get a heater such as the FREESEA mini Aquarium with LED Display Heater.

The LED HEATER carries all of the mentioned features: I had it for more than two years now, has a good shape for any tank, shows the temperature on display, and it is not very expensive. I am using it inside a 6.2 gallons fish tank with filters.

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Does FREESEA sell more powerful heaters?

The FREESEA mini Aquarium heater is sold with 50 W, 75 W and 100 Watts of power, which will be adequate for different tank sizes.

Is it easy to install inside the tank?

Very easy to attach to the wall using the suction cups it brings.

Is it safe for betta fish?

So far, different betta fish I keep have been fine in the tank. There are some complaints on Amazon about the back of the heater saying the fish got stuck in there. I have not seen my fish in that situation.

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