Grandma buys a Soulcker MP3 Player


Maggie M.

MP3 players these days are multitasking devices, not just music players.

I bought an MP3 player as a gift for my twelve years old grandson.

There are many offers in electronics for young kids, tablets in a variety of options, watches that send messages, could also be connected as phones, cellular phones for kids, all in beautiful colors and looking pretty much the same as the adults own.

An MP3 player which could be used as a pedometer, video recorder, and a few more things, in the same way adults use theirs when exercising, seemed to be a good option that does not involve using a phone line and still providing the opportunity to the kid to engage in some sort of preadolescent behavior through the selection of the music which is popular within his group of friends.

The MP3 player arrives with just a sample of tunes so you have to figure out how to add music to the collection.

In my case I am buying from the amazon store, slowly, which allows you to search each day a different set of tunes.

This feature at amazon permits the young boy to find his favorite singers and tunes, and to me, to carefully check the lyrics, before buying anything.

We mostly only pick the ones that are cheap. But you could do differently, of course.

As this was a beginner’s gift, we are both learning how to deal with the downloading of the tunes, the moving of the data to the player, and some details which are explained in the manual that comes with the player.

Sound quality is fine.

It is really fun to do a search of the tunes together, so that is a feature that adds value to the device.

It could be mom, dad, granny helping the kid enhance the musical collection or even taking the kid out to walk, run, as exercise using each of the people involved in their own pedometer, musical device, etc.

There are many models in the market, as a gift for a young boy I wanted to pick something not so expensive but still with enough quality so it would not be frustrating.

This MP3 player sold by Amazon fulfills all what I was expecting from it.

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Is it easy to add tunes to the player?

The answer to this depends on your previous training in doing that kind of thing. If you are computer savvy, you will do it easily. If you are not, read the manual carefully, follow the steps, and learn about your sources of tunes before trying to add songs.

Could you use it as a pedometer only?

Yes. Actually there are instructions in the manual about the limits of the pedometer function.

How the price does compares to other players in the market?

The price is competitive if you think about the different functions it carries, the storage size, quality of sound, display on the screen.

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